Marty McFly, 6am-10am


Marty McFly is from Sparta TN. and grew up listening to Nashville radio. Marty has spent 38 years in Middle Tennessee, so he really has seen Nashville grow.  Marty got his start in radio in 1985, when a close friend told him of an easy way to make money…radio! At the same time, Michael J. Fox was playing a character with a similar name in the major motion picture called “Back to the Future”. Coincidence?

Marty is married with two sons, and spends his free time on motorcycles. Marty says “My whole family is into bikes, I still own a dirt bike, in addition to my street cruiser,  and the rest of my family is into 4-wheelers. We had to build a separate garage to store everything, so most of my spare time is spend fixing or cleaning those things”.

Catch him each weekday morning from 6am – 10am!